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ArtLandS Lab
(Artefact and Landscape Studies Laboratory) was established in November 2010 as an operating platform of the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus. The aim of ArtLandS Lab is (a) the precise documentation, processing and study of landscape archaeology through a complete and advanced set of technical equipment, and (b) the documentation, study and publication of ceramic finds by a team of specialised researchers. ArtLandS Lab and the team of specialised researchers are coordinated by Associate Prof. Athanasios Vionis.

ArtLandS Lab was designed and its associated technical equipment was acquired in the framework of Dr Vionis' Start-Up grant from the University of Cyprus, with the approval of the UCY Research Committee, following the submission of a research proposal in June 2010. Part of ArtLandS Lab's equipment has already been employed in several collaborative archaeological field projects of the University of Cyprus, of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, and of foreign archaeological missions in Greece and Cyprus. Last but not least, ArtLandS Lab comprises the main technical research tool in the framework of the SeSaLaC research project (Settled and Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus), i.e. two intensive archaeological surface survey programmes in the periphery of ancient Kourion (Limassol district) and the Xeros River valley (Larnaca district) in Cyprus.

The team for the study and publication of ceramics has been active over the past few years through its collaboration with archaeological research projects in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. Members of the team of ceramic specialists (the coordinator, senior research fellows, postdoctoral researchers, specialised collaborators and doctoral students) have been involved in the chronology, systematic study, laboratory analysis and publication of ceramic finds from different excavation projects, surface survey programmes and museum collections.