University of Leiden - University of Ljubljana

tanagra Ancient Cities of Boeotia, an intensive surface survey project directed by Prof. J. Bintliff (Universities of Leiden and Edinburgh) and Prof. B. Slapsak (University of Ljubljana), began its work in 2000 with the aim to thoroughly investigate the archaeology of a number of ancient cities in the province of Boeotia in central Greece. The city of Tanagra (and its surrounding environment) was the first ancient urban site where an intensive archaeological surface survey was conducted between 2000 and 2005, while in 2006-2010 another ancient city-site, Koroneia, was intensively surveyed by an international team of students and researchers. A. Vionis has been collaborating with the Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project as a specialist in byzantine, ottoman and early modern ceramics since 2002, and as assistant director between 2007 and 2014.  koroneia
byzpotschool Following the completion of the ceramics study from ancient Tanagra and its rural territory in 2011, a new collaboration was established between the Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project and the then newly established ArtLandS Lab. A number of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Cyprus have been participating in the project and summer field-school since then, receiving training in the systematic study of byzantine-modern pottery and archaeological field-techniques by the coordinator of ArtLandS Lab. In the framework of the same project, archaeology students get the opportunity to participate and receive training in architectural surveying and geophysical prospection.


thespiaepots The main aim of ArtLandS Lab, through its collaboration with the Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project, has been the completion of the systematic study of the surface ceramics of the previous long-term field project directed by Prof. J. Bintliff (then at the University of Durham) and Prof. A. Snodgrass (University of Cambridge) in Boeotia. The final publication of the Durham-Cambridge Boeotia Project (which ran between 1978 and 1997) began a few years ago. The first volume (edited by J. Bintliff, P. Howard and A. Snodgrass) in the publication series of the project, titled Testing the Hinterland (University of Cambridge - MacDonald Institute, 2007), includes the results and interpretation of the archaeological investigation in the territory of ancient Thespiae. The study and interpretation of the survey pottery from the city-sites of Thespiae and Hyettos by ArtLandS Lab was completed in 2013 and its final publication is currently underway. hyettospots