ting Carmen Ting holds a Ph.D. in Archaeological Sciences from University College London, where she used methods of archaeological sciences, framed by the anthropological theory on the social dimension of ancient technologies to delineate the continuities and changes in the production of fine-ware pottery during the ‘Maya Collapse’ in Central America. Since then, she has been involved in various international projects, including the ERC-Synergy 1492 NEXUS project and the UCL Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project. These projects have allowed her to continue to develop a multidisciplinary narration in the study of a wide range of archaeological materials that span over broad geographic and temporal contexts, such as the indigenous pottery at the times of the arrival of European colonisers in the Caribbean, and the technical ceramics used in the Meroitic iron production in ancient Sudan. More recently, she collaborates with ArtLandS Lab to initiate an investigation of the beginnings and development of glaze technology in medieval Cyprus, a project at UCY, funded by the Marie Skłodowska Curie Action.
KATERINA RAGKOU EXTERNAL COLLABORATOR (Landscape Archaeology - Network Analysis)
ragkou Katerina Ragkou studied archaeology at the University of Athens and completed her postgraduate studies (MA) in Byzantine Studies at UCY. She undertook her doctoral research at the University of Cologne (under the supervision of C. Sode, S. Schrenk and A. Vionis) on the eastern Mediterranean economic networks in the age of the Crusades, with the Peloponnese in Greece forming her principal case study. In 2012-2013 she was a Student Associate Member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, while she has been working in the framework of ArtLandS Lab as a research assistant in the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Boeotia Digitisation Project since 2011, and as a collaborator of the SeSaLaC field project since 2014. She has been a member of various archaeological projects in Greece, Cyprus and Italy, and an active member of the Corinth excavation-team since 2009. She was also a research assistant in the framework of the Research Training Group 1878 of the Universities of Cologne and Bonn on the topic of Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies, while she is currently a Research Fellow at the Philipps University Marburg (Germany).
trigkas Vassilis Trigkas holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, Open University of Cyprus. He is a graduate of the Extended Education Program in Environmental Cartography of the School of the Environment, University of the Aegean. He collaborated with a number of research projects of the University of the Aegean throughout the period of his studies, while he was also employed at topographic and technical companies for short periods of time. From 2004 to 2008 he worked at the Institute of Mediterranean Studies of the Foundation for Research and Technology at Rethymnon, Crete, where he collaborated with a number of research projects. From 2009 to 2011 he worked as a Research Associate of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics, at the Remote Sensing Lab of the Technical University of Cyprus. He has been a Research Associate of the Open University of Cyprus since 2011. His research interests include GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Information Technology. He has been a collaborator of ArtLandS Lab since 2014, and has been operating the Open Cartography company since 2017.
georgiou Artemis Georgiou studied archaeology at UCY where she completed her BA in 2005. She continued her studies at the University of Oxford (Merton College), obtaining a Master of Philosophy in Classical Archaeology (2007). She completed her D.Phil studies in 2012, also at the University of Oxford, with a thesis entitled Pyla­-Kokkinokremos, Maa-Palaeokastro and the settlement histories of Cyprus in the 12th century BC. She has worked extensively in archaeological projects in Greece (Lefkandi-Xeropolis, Mycenae-East House) and Cyprus (Palaepaphos, Pyla-Kokkinokremos, Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios, Maroni-Tsaroukas etc). She has participated in a number of archaeological missions in Cyprus and the Aegean as a specialised ceramologist for the study of Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age pottery. She held a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship for the research programme ARIEL which investigates the urban and extra-urban structures of the Paphos region in the Bronze Age. She has also been a member of the Stirring Pots on Fire project since 2013, while she is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher at UCY.
georgiadou Anna Georgiadou studied archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and continued her doctoral research in Mediterranean archaeology at the University of Aix-Marseille (France). Her postdoctoral research was conducted at the University of Haifa and the University of Lyon 2 Lumière under the auspices of the Gerda Henkel Stiftung. The title of her research project is: Tracing network patterns between Cyprus and the Levant during the Early Iron Age. She is specialised in ceramic studies and, in particular, in Cypriote and Levantine Iron Age pottery. Her research interests focus on ceramic typo-chronology, stylistic analyses, regional aspects of pottery production and on pottery technology, use, distribution and consumption. She has been a member of the Palaepaphos Urban Landscape Project of the University of Cyprus (directed by M. Iacovou), the Tel Dor Excavation Project of the University of Haifa (directed by A. Gilboa and I. Sharon), and of the Stirring Pots on Fire research project (directed by A. Vionis) of UCY. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher at UCY.
gabrieli Smadar Gabrieli completed her BA at the Hebrew University Jerusalem, and was then trained and employed as an Objects Conservator at the Institute of Archaeology and the Israel Museum. She specialised in the conservation of ethnographic collections of Australia and the Pacifict and acted as consultant to various university and private collections. Dr Gabrieli studied the Roman cooking wares from the site of Pantanello, and completed an MA thesis on the subject at the University of Western Australia. She began work in the ancient Theatre at Paphos with the University of Sydney in 1998, and specialised in the hand-made pottery industries of late Antiquity and the Medieval period during the course of her Ph.D. research for the University of Sydney (2006). She has worked extensively in archaeological projects in Cyprus (St George's Hill and the convent of St Theodor in Nicosia, the Kourion City Gate, Ayioi Pente basilica in Paphos etc.) and in Israel. She was a Lady Davis Research Fellow (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), a member of the team of the Stirring Pots on Fire project and a Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Copenhagen since 2016.