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cyepr                                                                                           The Cyprus Economic Policy Review is published bi-annually by the Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus. The objective of the Review is to publish high quality papers on European and Global economic issues of interest to Cyprus, appealing to a broad audience of policymakers and practitioners.  The Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus (CypERC) belongs to the Department of Economics at the University of Cyprus.  The Centre aims at high quality policy-oriented research in economics. While emphasis is placed on subjects concerning the Cyprus economy, research at CypERC has a broad perspective and aims at results of high academic standards with wide international interest. The CypERC operates as an autonomous unit in the Department of Economics of the University of Cyprus. Its Director is elected among the senior staff of the Department of Economics and has overall responsibility for administration and research supervision.


Volume 16 | Number 2|December 2022  
A First Assessment of the Economic Impact of the "Fit for 55" Energy and Climate Policy Package in Cyprus
Theodoros Zachariadis, Elias Giannakis and Constantinos Taliotis
Survey-derived proxies for uncertainty: the case of Cyprus
Nicoletta Pashourtidou
The effect of educational systems on differences in the performance of children of different backgrounds
and on the improvement of their learning outcomes, with reference to Cyprus
Leonidas Kyriakides, Maria Eliophotou and Evi Charalambous
Volume 16 | Number 1|June 2022  
Sectoral demand-driven and supply-driven input-output multipliers in Cyprus 
Elias Giannakis and Theofanis P. Mamuneas 
Forecasting economic activity using preselected predictors: the case of Cyprus  
Christiana Anaxagorou and Nicoletta Pashourtidou 
Estimating the Mortage Default Probability in Cyprus: Evidence using micro data 
Savvas Antoniou, Ioanna Evangelou, Theodosis Kallenos and Nektarios A. Michail 

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