HR 01
HRS4R project refers to the development of a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers in order to support and promote mobility, exchange knowledge and experiences, and any other necessary skills important to researchers. In addition it aims in guaranteeing transparency at the recruitment process as well as to promote an attractive working environment.

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers is a mechanism that various Research / Funding institutions and Universities apply, in order to harmonize their internal processes with the Charter and Code, through a process of continuous internal analysis, reevaluation and feedback that is monitored by external evaluators every four years.

Research at the University of Cyprus has always been a core pylon of its advancement endorsing The Charter and Code in December of 2010. Thereafter, an ad-hoc committee has been formed under the supervision of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, in compliance to a previous decision of the Rectors Council. The ad-hoc committee is constituted by academics, researchers, as well as members of the administrative personnel. The project implementation has begun in October 2011. The strategy development has been completed and approved by the UCY Senate in June 2012.The European Commission approved the UCY's Strategic plan on June 11, 2012 and since then the University of Cyprus is acknowledged with the "HR Excellence in Research" logo.

The five basic steps of the project implementation, proposed by the European Committee are:
1. Carrying out an internal analysis by the research institution, involving all key institutional players, to compare institutional practices with The Charter and Code principles;
2. The publication of planned actions for improvements in compliance through a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers incorporating The Charter & Code;
3.The acknowledgement of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers by the European Commission;
4. Self-assessment of at least every second year, on the basis of which it may update its Human Resources Strategy as necessary;
5. An external evaluation, which takes place periodically, but no later than every 4th year.