ALGEA aims to give back to society through a series of activities, seminars, support groups etc. We hope to achieve new collaborations that will help us promote patient needs and achieve relief from chronic pain.
The project will take place in towns all over non occupied Cyprus (we aim to collaborate with the local General Hospitals, Government mental health organisations, private sector psychologists and medical doctors. The same procedure will take place in Crete.

Study aim is to serve the entirety of Cyprus and Crete. The long term dissemination and sustainability of this project is of key importance and can be achieved by: a) training existing mental health professional who commit to training other professionals, b) training postgraduate level students involved in the study in correspondence with the University of Cyprus and Crete Psychology Departments, c) collaborating with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and support organisations, d) adapting the programme to a web-based intervention designed to support patients and their relatives.

A further aim is the dissemination of the study findings within professional organisations in Greece and Cyprus (Hellenic Neurological Society, Pancyprian Medical Association, Association of Greek Psychologists, Pancyprian Psychological Society, Greek Headache Company), patient organisations (Rheumatism Organisation Cyprus, Chronic Pain clinics in Greece) and by building collaborations with other Interreg projects (e.g. creating a cross border support team for Multiple Sclerosis). Web based interventions can further disseminate our work by providing services to remote areas in Cyprus, Crete and Greece as a whole.