orpheas Excavations at the House of Orpheus, Paphos
2010 – 2015
D. Michaelides (Excavation Director)
heraion Τhe Prehistoric Settlement at the Heraion of Samos (Sacred Road)
2009 – 2019
O. Kouka (Excavation Director, Cooperation with the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Athen)
palaipaphos The Palaepaphos Urban Landscape Project (PULP)
2006 – today
M. Iacovou (Excavation Director)
ayia-varvara-asprokremnos Excavations at the Early Aceramic site of Ayia Varvara Asprokremnos
2009 – 2013
C. McCartney, S. Manning, S. Stewart, V. Kassianidou (Project Coordinators)
elaborating-early-neolithic Elaborating Early Neolithic Cyprus
2005 – today
C. McCartney, S. Manning, S. Stewart, V. Kassianidou (Project Coordinators)
geroskipou Excavations at "Agioi Pente" in Geroskipou
2003 – 2009
D. Michaelides (Excavation Director)
politiko-phorades Politiko-Phorades: Excavations of a Bronze Age Smelting Site in Cyprus
1997 – 2001
A.Β. Knapp, V. Kassianidou (Project Coordinators)
syme The Sanctuary of Hermes and Aphrodite at Syme Viannou, Crete
1987 – 2003
A. Lembesi, P. Muhly, G. Papasavvas (Excavation Directors)
sesalac Settled and Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus (SeSaLaC)
2014 – today
A. Vionis, G. Papantoniou, D. Nicolaou (Project Coordinators)
Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project
2007 – 2014
J. Bintliff (Project Director), A. Vionis (Assistant Director)
CAMP: The Cyprus Archaeomagnetic Project: high resolution dating, magnetic characterization and archaeointensity correlation of major slag deposits in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean
NSF grant EAR – Geophysics, 09-539
2011 – 2012
L. Tauxe, T.E.Levy, E.B. Yosef, R. Schaar, V. Kassianidou (Project Coordinators)
taesp Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project (TAESP)
2000 – 2005
B. Knapp, M. Given, V. Kassianidou, J. Noller (Project Directors)
nissia The Nissia Shipwreck Excavation
2012 – today
S. Demesticha (Excavation Director)
mazotos The Mazotos Shipwreck Excavation
2007 – today
S. Demesticha (Excavation Director)
Geophysical Prospection 
A. Sarris (Director of the projects)