The research activities of the BML of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering cover the whole spectrum of materials, starting from traditional and extending to modern ones. The laboratory has attracted significant research funding over the past few years both from national, but also from international funding agencies (as well as from the University of Cyprus). Moreover, non-funded research activities also take place in the premises of the BML.


Ongoing research activities include projects on self-compacting concrete (mix design, properties and rheology), characterisation of natural building and decorative stones, salt crystallisation, lime and gypsum mortars (characterisation of ancient specimens and reproduction of compatible restoration mix designs) and adobe bricks and structures. Research work is also being carried out on the application of non-destructive testing methodologies.


Details about each specific research project may be found on the various individual websites that are linked to the BML website. Should you require any further information about any ongoing or past research activity of the BML, you are more than welcome to contact the coordinator of each project directly.