LEDRA lab is carrying out research in the field of traditional building materials (stones, mud-bricks and mortars). It is also involved in research on aggregates and the effect of their characteristics on the quality of composite building materials, such as mortars and concrete. 

Representative recent publications of LEDRA lab research work are listed below:

Publications in scientific journals
1. MODESTOU, S., THEODORIDOU, M., FOURNARI, R., IOANNOU, I. Physico-mechanical properties and durability performance of natural building and decorative carbonate stones from Cyprus. Geological Society, London, Special Publications [accepted]
2. ILLAMPAS, R., IOANNOU, I., CHARMPIS, D.C., 2014. Adobe bricks under compression: experimental investigation and derivation of stress-strain equation. Construction and Building Materials, 53, pp. 83-90.
3. THEODORIDOU, M., IOANNOU, I., PHILOKYPROU, M., 2013. New evidence of early use of artificial pozzolanic material in mortars. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40, pp. 3263-3269.
4. ILLAMPAS, R., IOANNOU, I., CHARMPIS, D.C., 2013. Overview of the pathology, repair and strengthening of adobe structures. International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 7, pp. 165-188.
Publications in conferences
1. FOURNARI, R., IOANNOU, I., VATYLIOTIS, D. A study of fine aggregate properties and their effect on the quality of cementitious composite materials. IAEG XII Congress, 15-19 Sep 2014 Torino, Italy [accepted].
2. THEODORIDOU, M., LOFA, M., IOANNOU, I. 2013. Historic gypsum mortars from Cyprus: characterization and reinvention for conservation purposes. HMC2013 3rd Historic Mortars Conference, 11-14 Sep 2013 Glasgow, Scotland [CD-ROM].
3. FOURNARI, R., VATYLIOTIS, D. IOANNOU, I. 2013. The effect of fine aggregate properties on the quality of composite materials SDIMI 2013 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Minerals Industry, 30 Jun – 3 Jul 2013 Milos Island. Greece [CD-ROM].
4. MODESTOU, S., THEODORIDOU, M., IOANNOU, I., FOURNARI, R. 2012. Micro-destructive mapping of salt crystallization in stone. STONE 2012 12th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, 22-26 Oct 2012 New York, U.S.A. [CD-ROM].
5. THEODORIDOU, M., DAGRAIN, F., IOANNOU, I. 2012. Correlation of stone properties using standardised methodologies and non-standardised micro-destructive techniques. STONE 2012 12th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, 22-26 Oct 2012 New York, U.S.A. [CD-ROM].
6. DAGRAIN, F., SCAILLET, J-C., MODESTOU. S., IOANNOU, I. 2012. Evaluation of the effectiveness of masonry consolidation treatments based on scratching tomography. 15th IB2MaC International Brick and Bock Masonry Conference, 3-6 Jun 2012 Florianopolis, Brazil [CD-ROM].