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The "ALGEA" project is a new multilevel treatment approach for chronic pain in Greece and Cyprus.
Primary aim of the study is the creation of treatment programmes for chronic pain patients and their families. The study is funded by The Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme "Greece- Cyprus" and through government funds from both countries. It uses a multidisciplinary approach which combines both psychological support and pharmacotherapy as treatment for chronic pain. The study, aims, to make use of critical factors that have been shown to be associated with patient rehabilitation from pain. The better understanding of associating factors will aid in the development of a new tailor made intervention for pain management.
For the development of this new intervention existing knowledge, feedback from patients in Greece and Cyprus, new theoretical models, and most importantly new treatment methodology applicable to treating patients with chronic conditions, will be used.
We urge you to navigate through our website in order gather information and advice regarding the nature of pain, treatment options and evidence based management techniques. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like additional details regarding our work or if you want to participate in our study in any way.