Pursuing its commitment to promote culture, the University of Cyprus has established a Cultural Centre, located at Axiotheas Street, in the historic centre of Nicosia. Carefully restored by the Department of Antiquities, the Centre's building, an old mansion, serves as the home of the University's cultural activities.

The Centre houses the Cyprus University Theatrical Workshop (THEPAK), which brings together students, but also members of the academic and administrative staff, alumni, friends of the arts, artists, etc. The Workshop strives to upgrade theatre activities within the University, and contributes to cultural life in Cyprus by staging Medieval and Renaissance works focussing on peripheral Hellenism. THEPAK was founded in 1997 in an effort to bring a new dimension to the study of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Greek literature. A research theater, THEPAK strives with its performances to shed light on unknown or less familiar masterpieces of Greek literature, thus contributing to the promotion and modern reception of valuable Medieval and Renaissance works, which have as a common denominator the dialectic language of peripheral Hellenism.

The Axiotheas Mansion is also the venue for the Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus, an international event which is organised twice a year and focuses on Mediterranean culture, dance and music. The Cultural Centre's programme has been widely praised and is much appreciated by Cypriot society.