Each of THEPAK’s productions is accompanied by a well-designed and richly illustrated special edition, which – apart from director’s notes, notes of other contributors and the cast of each production – include also philological studies, critical analyses on the work performed, biographical notes on the authors, and other related texts that introduce the viewers into the play, but also into the entire historical and literary environment where it has originated. These special editions often contain the entire text of the respective stage adaptation and provide valuable bibliographical sources and other material for further research. With their content, they present particular interest for undergraduate and graduate students in Byzantine and Modern Greek literature, as well as for independent researchers, secondary education students and teachers who would like to add to their teaching resources.
Xroniko-Booklet-Cover            Fiakas-Booklet-Cover        Lysistrata-Booklet-Cover        Romiosyni-Booklet-Cover
Leontios Machairas
Chronicle of Cyprus
ISBN 9963-607-12-8
© 1998: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 180
  D. Κ. Misitzis
ISBN 9963-631-70-3
© 1999: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 60
  Aristophanes' Lysistrata
Translation – adaptation
by Costas Montis
ISBN 9963-631-71-1
© 2000: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 120
Vasilis Michaelides
ISBN 9963-631-72-Χ
© 2001: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 258
Asma-Booklet-Cover   Erotokritos-Booklet-Cover-small   Erotokritos Italian-Booklet-Cover   Digenis-Booklet-Cover
Τhe Ballad of the Bridge
ISBN 9963-584-91-8
© 2003: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 92
  Vitsentzos Kornaros
ISBN 9963-9173-0-5
© 2005: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 288

Εrotokritos, in italian
by Vitsentzos Kornaros
© 2010: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 192


Stamatis Dagdelenis
Digenis Akritas
ISBN 978-9963-9173-1-0
© 2011 THEPAK
20x20 cm., p. 48

Cavafy-Booklet-Cover   COVER ΓΑΛΑΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ  




Waters of Cyprus, of Syria,
and of Egypt
Study on the Dramatic Cavafy
ISBN 978-9963-9173-2-7
© 2013: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 264

Christodoulos Galatopoulos
Ecce Luminae: Prometheus Bound
ISBN: 978-9963-9173-3-4
© 2017: THEPAK
20 x 20 cm., p. 292