Our Vision
We excel in supporting our internal clients in achieving their strategic goals and targets.
We recognise that we genuinely contribute only when our activities add value. Values are defined by the organisation and are expressed through its strategic targets. Our activities add value only when they help to reach these targets.
We consider all of the University's targets as important to us, regardless of whether they refer to the effective management of human capital or to student, through research programmes, accounting, financial, computing, technology or other factors. Our responsibility is to assist the managers in achieving their targets / goals through the effective management of their human resources.
We accept that the absolute measure of our success lies with our attaining the targets set by the University of Cyprus and that the opinions of our internal clients are the most important aspect of this direction. Our vision is to dedicate ourselves to the sector that actually helps attain the strategic targets of the organisation.
Our Mission
Through selection, motivation, evaluation and development of our personnel, by the creation and application of suitable policies, we continually improve the effectiveness, organization and culture of our institution.
We recognise that all organizations manage capital products, people and information and that the success of an organisation depends on the effectiveness by which it utilises these resources.
Our responsibility is to assist the University of Cyprus in utilising its human resources to the fullest extent.
We believe that the immediate direction of personnel is the responsibility of their supervisors. We have a responsibility to support them by contributing excellent services and the application of effective systems/tools for the selection, motivation, evaluation and promotion of personnel.
We understand that to be effective, we must continually improve our human resource systems and tools. We consider that improvement to mean our visible and practical contribution to the effectiveness, organization and culture of the organization.
Our Values
Our values are represented by a code of conduct that characterises all contributors to the human resource sector. These values are also the foundation of how we strive to manage our day-to-day business.
We are fair and earnest. We act and make decisions impartially. We are highly dedicated. We are unique.
We work hard and continually focus our efforts on results. We focus and achieve high goals.
We communicate frequently and in a positive manner. We have a visible profile in the workplace. We are well-informed. Our door is always "open".
Our clients come first and have priority. We have a positive outlook. Our decisions are always based on the client´s priorities; as it is often said, "the client is our employer".
We work/operate effectively as a team. We foster a spirit of teamwork throughout the organisation.
We trust and are trustworthy.
Our Strategy
    • To develop strong relations with our internal clients
    • To manage the University's human resources as a strategic resource
    • To continuously assess our productivity relative to our genuine contribution to improvements in the efficiency, organisation and culture of the University
    • To align our tools-systems with the strategic targets of the University of Cyprus
    • To continually improve our knowledge and skills
    • To are well informed of developments in our field
    • To always acknowledge the efforts of our personnel