Welcome to the Oceanography Center (OC), the first research unit of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, which was founded in October of 2010 with an ambitious goal: the development of marine research focusing on the Eastern Mediterranean.

The research activities of the Oceanography Center principally cover the following areas:

1. Physical Oceanography
    - Arithmetic modeling: circulation, sea state, dispersion.
    - Remote sensing: in-situ and satellite.
    - Observation: coastal research cruises, open sea research cruises, autonomous underwater vehicles.

2. Operational Oceanography

3. Biological Oceanography

4. Oceanographic databases

The Oceanography Center aims to promote research and function as the starting point of new research projects and ideas relating to marine sciences. The OC is open to research collaborations with young or experienced researchers and with any organization involved with marine sciences and with the marine environment.

Professor George Georgiou
Director of the Oceanography Centre