Colour Palette

color logo en In all applications, the logo must be displayed in the colours specified on these pages. Wherever possible, the logo should be used in the approved UCY Orange, UCY Yellow and UCY
Green colours.

The UCY colours are based on the PANTONE colour standard specified on this page. For colour matching, refer printers and other suppliers to the current editions of the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE. PANTONE colours specified as "C" indicate that ink colours are based on the PANTONE COATED PAPER swatch book, "U" on the UNCOATED PAPER and "M" on the PANTONE MATTE PAPER swatch book.

Since differences in substrates and processes can affect colour, the CMYK equivalents indicated are guidelines only and should not be considered exact matches. To ensure consistent results, always proof carefully against the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE.

NOTE: Colours shown throughout this manual are for demonstration purposes only. For accurate colour standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE.


monochrome logo en When only one colour is available or if the background does not lend itself to the three-colour rendition, one of five different one-colour versions may be used:

UCY Orange

UCY Yellow

UCY Green



Use of the different Logo Versions

different versions logo en Here are examples of the correct way to use the UCY logo on a variety of backgrounds.

It is important to ensure adequate contrast between the logo and the background for optimal visibility.

For the sake of comparison, the preferred logo is used to demonstrate each scenario.