Logo Use
The University of Cyprus (UCY) logo is a registered trademark. If you are not a member of the UCY community (academic/administrative staff or student), or you are working on a partnership, you must obtain a written permission in order to use the UCY logo.

Corporate Identity

use en The University of Cyprus logo is the most important branding tool of our visual identity and is used on all communication materials. The use of the logo must comply with the guidlines outlined in this manual.

The logo consists of two elements: the symbol and the University of Cyprus logotype. It should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered. The symbol and logotype must always be used together, never separately or independently.

The only acceptable logos are presented on this page. They must
be reproduced from the high-resolution digital files available at

Important note
The logo is available in three languages: Greek, English and Turkish. Always use the version that matches the language of your communication. Similarly, for bi- or trilingual communication, choose the corresponding bi- or trilingual logo. Although some of the examples illustrated in this manual are based on the Greek logo, the same principles and guidelines apply to the other languages.

Colour, typography, and reproduction specifications of the logos, as well as details regarding the various marketing tools on which it will appear, are provided on the following pages.

The logo is available in a variety of formats including eps,
jpeg, and gif.

File Formats
eps: all professionally printed applications
jpeg: Microsoft programmes
gif: online usage

Safety Area & Minimum Size

logo branding en In order to ensure visibility and impact, the logo requires a safety area clear of any other graphic elements or text.

As illustrated, the minimum safety zone top, left and right measures 1/4 the width of the "Tree" symbol and 1/2 at the bottom. Always allow at least this minimum of clear space around the logo. It is important that this rule is observed and the safety areas are maintained at all times.

The recommended minimum safety area serves to protect the logo. As the logo will appear in many different applications and formats, the safety areas will ensure clarity and presence. Wherever possible, allow more than the minimum space around the logo.

For use of the logo with department names, refer to page 16.

Minimum size
Our logo must always be clearly visible and any reproductions must be consistent. For this reason a minimum size has been established. The size is 7mm when measuring the height of the
symbol. The logo does not have a maximum reproduction size.

Incorrect Usage

incorrect use en This page provides examples of how the University of Cyprus logo must not be used.

The colours of the different elements may not be rearranged, distorted or altered under any circumstances. See page 8 for the full range of authorized logo versions.

The logo must always be used without keyline.

The University of Cyprus logo should be reproduced only from the digital files provided by the Communications Office.